>In an Uncharted Country


My collection of linked short stories is now available for purchase from the publisher, Press 53, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, or from your local independent bookstore. Autographed copies can be purchased right here (click the Buy Now button in the sidebar at right under the image of the book), or at my website: Clifford Garstang.

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  1. >Congratulations, Cliff! Very much looking forward to reading the book. It's always inspiring when a fellow short story writer breaks out.

    I haven't seen your reading schedule yet. Any chance you'll be coming out to the San Francisco Bay Area?

  2. >Thanks, Seth! I'm posting events on BookTour.com and on my website, but don't yet hae anything set up for the West Coast. It's not likely this fall, but possibly early next year. I'd love to do that!

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