>Kind Words for In an Uncharted Country

>Gibson’s Bookstore’s Deb Baker has nice things to say about In an Uncharted Country in this post on her book blog, Bookconscious.  (You have to scroll down pretty far to get to the part about me, but I recommend you read the whole thing because there’s lots of good stuff about other books, too.) Here’s part of what she has to say:

I enjoyed the way Garstang wove different generations’ stories together. I especially liked the way “Flood, 1978,” “The Hand Painted Angel,” and “The Red Peony,” worked together.  But I also enjoyed “William and Frederick,” which was less directly related to the other stories, and “The Nymph and the Woodsman,” which is simply beautiful, and tragic. Actually, there wasn’t any story I didn’t care for, and I can’t remember the last time I read a collection where at least one story didn’t disappoint.

 That’s so gratifying to hear! And I’m really looking forward to my reading at Gibson’s Bookstore tomorrow night.

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