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>If you could subscribe to any five (5) literary magazines (assume: money is no object and that you subscribe to none currently; forget the slicks–New Yorker, Atlantic, etc.), what would they be? (Please list them in order of preference.)

You may leave your list as a comment here or send your list to me at: gnatsragc@aol.com. When I get enough responses to make a significant ranking, which will be weighted according to position on the submitted lists, I’ll post it here.


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  1. >1. Chiron Review (recently defunct, but I’d still sub to it)
    2. Minnesota Review
    3. Long Shot
    4. Asheville Poetry Review
    5. Exquisite Corpse

  2. >Clilff — By using the word “subscribe,” it seems as though you’re limiting the list to print mags. Many of my favorite lit mags are online; however, if I could subscribe to only 5 print mags, these would probably be my pick (in no particular order):

    1. Conjunctions (also online)
    2. Jubilat
    3. Black Clock
    4. Anemone Sidecar
    5. Black Warrior

  3. >1. Threepenny Review
    2. Black Clock
    3. Paris Review
    4. Ploughshares
    5. Black Warrior (ties with Georgia Review, since you’ve asked for ONLY five!)

  4. >Thanks, all! I’ll let answers come in for another day or two before compiling the list. And yes, Carol, I was aiming at print magazines only. I also read some Zines (not the same ones you read, I’d wager, based on your print list), but for me it’s a different animal.

  5. >1. McSweeney’s
    2. Tin House
    3. Zoetrope: All Story
    4. Ploughshares
    5. The Cincinnati Review

  6. >Just in case you didn’t see mine in Stephan’s office.

    1. Virginia Quarterly Review
    2. The Oxford American
    3. Epoch
    4. Black Warrior Review
    5. Fourteen Hills

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