>Literary Salon at WriterHouse

>Last night, I had the honor and pleasure of participating in a Literary Salon at the wonderful WriterHouse in Charlottesville. If you don’t know about WriterHouse you should definitely check it out. Not only does the organization provide work space for its members, which is a valuable service for many, it also provides an impressive variety of programs, including classes, readings, and talks, some just for members and some that are open to the public.

For last night’s salon, I was introduced to members by Charlie Katz. I then read from In an Uncharted Country (I chose to read from the story, “William & Frederick”) and then the discussion began. Charlie asked the first question, but I was thrilled that everybody got in on the act. Our focus was on linked story collections (also known as story cycles or novels in stories), but we also touched on process, writing conferences, the business of finding an agent and a publisher, and more. There wasn’t a lull the whole evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Thanks, WriterHouse!

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  1. >Cliff, this sounds like a wonderful place. In Lexington (KY) we have the Carnegie Center, which has classes, special programs, etc.. However, there's nothing like the writers' spaces your place provides. I would love to see something like that at Carnegie. I really need it now that my household has expanded by one daughter, one granddaughter and one dog!

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