>MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grants"

>The so-called “genius grants” were announced today, and included among the 23 recipients named by the MacArthur Foundation was fiction writer Yiyun Li. Screenwriter David Simon was the only other writer in the bunch.

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  1. >Not sure what windycityvegan's comment means, but I'm going to guess that I should acknowledge that Annette Gordon-Reed is also a writer–she's published two books, after all.

    Fair enough. Clearly my bias is toward fiction writers, and it doesn't seem that MF considers Gordon-Reed primarily a writer, anyway.

    Or maybe windycityvegan is questioning Gordon-Reed's place on the list? If so, I hope WCV will come back with reasons.

  2. >Sorry to post such a short comment earlier! Upon hearing that Grodon-Reed was a recipient, I initially questioned her being on the list. I personally think it's a bit of an overstatement to say that her writings have "dramatically changed the course of Jeffersonian scholarship."

    That being said, she is a writer, and I was curious as to why you did not mention her alongside Simon, whose work spans many genres including non-fiction.

    I realize that most of the recipients have published articles/book chapters/etc., but I don't see them in the same light as Li, Simon, and Gordon-Reed.

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