>Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

>I was glad to see widespread coverage of MLK Day–in our local paper, on the radio, on TV. Even King George II got into the act, although can we all agree that on the issues that Dr. King strove for, Bill Clinton still speaks with far more authority than the Little Prince?

I finished a story today, “finished” being, of course, a figure of speech. It is a first draft, in need of much work, about a Chinese immigrant living in Washington, DC.

Then I went to the dentist. Like many (most? all?) people, this probably my least favorite thing about being a human being. And yet, the cleaning went smoothly, the people are as nice as can be, my insurance covers most of it. See me smile?

I’m planning an event this spring and got confirmation that a well-known constitutional law scholar will be my speaker. I’m very excited about that, especially because he’s got a book coming out at the same time, on the topic of his speech. I can’t wait. Join us in Richmond at the end of April!

Then to the gym. Why is it so damn crowded all of a sudden? When will all those people give up on their New Years’ resolutions. Soon, I hope.

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