Mid-year check-in: Writing Goals

At the end of last year, I set writing goals for the coming year, as I do every year. It’s usually enlightening to look back to see how I did when I sit down to formulate new goals. But the year is already half over, so how am I doing so far?

When I set the goals last December, I had begun submitting a new novel manuscript to agents and small presses, and to some extent that book was out of my hands, at least for the moment. I knew I might need to return to it, but I didn’t know when or to what extent it would require my attention this year. That question was answered in April when I signed a contract with a small press for the publication of the novel. I’ve been working hard on edits since then, but those are now essentially done, and the publication is scheduled for February 2024. I’ll have more to say about this soon.

My goals also included progress on two other projects—one straightforward, one experimental. Both have continued to move forward, although neither is as far along as I’d hoped, largely because of the time I’ve put into editing the novel coming out next year. Also, I think I’m more committed to the experimental project at this point, and I’ll try to have a draft of that done by the end of the year. I have a December writing residency scheduled, so that seems feasible.

As for the goal of writing a personal essay, I’ve pecked at a couple of ideas, without making much headway. There’s still hope, though.

So, for the remainder of the year: I need to focus on plans for promoting the new book; I’ll be pushing the experimental novel forward; and I still want to complete at least one essay.

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