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>If I were a kid, I would so be begging my parents to let me do this. It’s the Midsummer Day Camp of the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, held July 14-18. In fact, if the ages weren’t restricted to 9-12, I might sign up myself (except that it overlaps with the first week of the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, so that would be a problem). But the kids learn a little bit about Shakespeare while acting and doing music and learning stage combat and other stuff that sounds like it would be a blast. Granted, $300 for a week isn’t exactly cheap ($275 for early registration), but it sure looks worth it to me. What a great experience!

And there’s more: there’s also the Young Company Theater Camp, the first session of which (for kids 13-16) is already underway, with the second session (for kids 16-18) set to begin in mid-July. Last year after the YCTC I attended a regular performance at the Blackfriars at which some of the kids showed their stuff. It’s a wonderful service ASC provides, and a great opportunity for the kids.

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  1. >I worked down at the ASC for three years and when they started the Midsummer Day Camp in 2007 even I was skeptical. Sybille Bruun is the director of the camp and what those kids could do…and what those kids could understand was incredible. At the end of the week they put up most of the scenes from A Midsummer Nights Dream (this year they’re doing Tempest) and got the story across beautifully. I also hope that you’ve gotten to see the YCTC productions. They’re inspiring, they’re thoughtful, and they understand the words that they’re conveying to the audience. It’s a free afternoon of theatre. If you haven’t checked it out. Please do!

    P.S. I enjoy your blog very much and in regards to your theatre reviews, I wish someone would pay you to review at the Blackfriars.

  2. >Tyler,
    Thanks for commenting. I will try to get to see the YCTC productions this summer, especially after getting a glimpse of the kids last year.

    And I appreciate your comments about the blog. If I got paid to do the theater reviews, though, I might have to take it more seriously! (As it is, I feel guilty when I feel it necessary to say anything the least bit negative.)

    But speaking of Blackfriars, I’m a big fan of your work there, especially the very memorable Cyrano. I just sent a note to ASC a couple of days ago saying that I would love to see a page on the website devoted to ASC alums, so that fans could keep up with their careers when they leave Staunton.

    Again, thanks for stopping by!

  3. >To follow up on the YCTC and Day Camp performances mentioned by Tyler Moss, I’ve just checked the Blackfriars Calendar and here’s what I learned:

    Day Campers will perform at 5pm on Friday, July 18. (Unfortunately, I’ll miss that.)

    YCTC performances will be Sunday July 13 and Sunday August 10 at Noon.

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