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>I’m told that I’m overdue with updates from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. My excuse for not writing is that I’ve been busy writing. I spent a pretty solid 7 or so hours in my studio today, having overcome the panic I felt a few days ago that the book just sucks. It might still suck, but I’m over it for now. I even realized what the focus of books two and three in my planned trilogy will be, so that is pretty exciting. But I’ve only got a few more days here, so I’m not sure if I’ll meet my goal of being “done” with the first book. I almost hesitate to do this, but let me just whisper that the books are (in my mind, at least), The Liberation Day Trilogy, and Book 1 is called The End of Suffering. That’s all I’m saying.

The people here are cool. A number of visual artists–painters, printmakers, photographers–and one composer. We had a reading last night and a performance by the composer. In a few minutes we’re headed out to the studio barn for an “open studio” by one of the painters who is leaving tomorrow.

Friday night was poker night. I was the big winner–$5.00. Yay! On the other hand, the kitchen staff forgot to do breakfast this morning. Not sure what happened, but there we were–the early birds hanging around by the locked dining room door, like dogs wondering why the two-legged guy hadn’t filled the kibble dish. They better make up for it at dinner!

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