>Mystical Tepoztlan

>When I checked out of my hotel in Mexico City this morning, the clerk asked me where I was going. In my fractured, but understandable, Spanish, I told her, “Tepoztlan.”

“Ahh, Tepoztlan,” she replied. “Mystical,” she added in English. I guess she saw through my disguise.

Before I get to Tepoztlan, I have to say how much I love Mexico City. I will try to add some links here to some of the great museums this city has to offer. On this trip, I went to the Frida Kahlo house and the Carillo Gil and the Rufino Tomayo, and a couple of others. I tried to visit Diego Rivera’s studio, but, sadly, it is closed until the 20th, the day I leave for home.

The bus down to Tepoztlan from the City takes only an hour, costs 54 pesons (about $5) and passes through some beautiful mountains. I got settled into my room in the delightful Posada Ali (I have a view of the mountain that is the source of the mystical aura that everyone seems to feel here) and then set out to reclaim the village–checking out the familiar stalls in the market, the grocery, the laundry, and now the internet cafe. One of 12 in town. It is close to 80 right now, and sunny, but will be down around 40 tonight. In a couple of hours, just before sunset, my workshop will gather for drinks and dinner and getting acquainted. Meeting Grace Paley will be such a treat!

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  1. >Sounds wonderful, Cliff! I can’t wait to hear more about this mystical mountain and the writers gathered round her.

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