New Reviews of What the Zhang Boys Know

zhangRecently, a couple of reviews of What the Zhang Boys Know have appeared. I’ve always been advised not to read reviews, but, well, too late.

A review by Denton Loving appeared in Pank Magazine, which you can read in full here. After summarizing a couple of the stories and taking a stab at what the themes of the book might be, he ends with:

“What The Zhang Boys Know is only Garstang’s second full-length publication, but it’s a beautiful, thought-provoking read that further assures a bright future for a talented writer.”

Laura Azzi reviewed the book on Alice Osborn’s blog. She concludes with this:

“Each chapter of this book is a short story that goes deep into the lives of this building’s inhabitants. These stories are not a light walk through life but rather thought-provoking and often life changing narratives that are both personal and universal. Garstang allows the reader to find their own truth through fictional truth and in doing so, I believe the reader will find a morsel of themselves within each story.”

I appreciate the reviews and hope that they encourage others to read the book.

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