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I’ve done a number of interviews in connection with the launch of The Shaman of Turtle Valley, but the one I did for Hasty Book List made me think. What fictional character would I like to be stuck in an elevator with? Favorite artist? Last book I read? These are questions I don’t usually get asked, so it was fun to come up with the answers. Read the whole interview here.

And a review:

The Midwest Book Review had this to say about The Shaman of Turtle Valley

All the more impressive when considering that “The Shaman of Turtle Valley” is short story author Clifford Garstang debut as a full-length novelist, this exceptionally original, deftly crafted and heart-rending story is embedded with truly memorable characters which are Garstang’s literary hallmark. A thoroughly entertaining read from cover to cover, “The Shaman of Turtle Valley” is unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.

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