New Short Story Class Begins October 8:

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It’s back to school time for all of us. And now is your chance to enroll in an online writing workshop through the first writing school on the Internet:

My short story writing class begins on October 8. Students in the past have found it very useful, as we review in some details the elements of fiction in general and the short story in particular. We also read some classic stories and discuss them. And we also workshop stories by the class participants–including one revised version of that story.

Here’s a detailed outline of the class: Writing the short story: make your story great!

Here’s what some former students have had to say about this class:

“I give Cliff Garstang five stars, at least, for his excellent lectures, references to outstanding short stories and his whole attitude. He’s thorough, on time and understanding…I have told several people about your courses.”

“This is the first time I had ever taken another class from the same teacher, which I did specifically because of the teacher. His lectures were full of examples which were helpful, and he was extremely attentive to questions and comments, often resulting in dialogue via email to develop a point or respond in depth to questions. I will likely take one from him again – or even the first one again… “

“Cliff is, by far, the best teacher anyone could be lucky enough to have. I’d love to study with him more, even a tutorial. He is a keeper. Give him a raise. Please contact me when Cliff gives a workshop.”


Please check it out and if you think it sounds right for you, give it a try!

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