>New Stories from the South 2008

>Here’s a terrific review in the Miami Herald of the 2008 volume of New Stories from the South. And this is going to sound like name-dropping (it isn’t–it’s more like envy), but the review mentions several friends of mine, including Jim Tomlinson and Jamie Poissant (whom I know from Sewanee and elsewhere), Ron Rash and Pinckney Benedict (whom I know from the Queens University of Charlotte MFA Program), and R.T. Smith (the editor of Shenandoah). And the reviewer could have mentioned other people I know who are also in the volume, including Holly Goddard Jones (also first met at Sewanee).

The book is sitting on my desk and I plan to dive into it soon. I’ve read many of the stories when the originally appeared in magazines, but they’re worth reading again.

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