>New Yorker Story of the Year — Nominations are Open!


Since I began commenting each week on the fiction in the New Yorker, at year’s end I have come up with a “Story of the Year.” Once again, I will let readers vote from a list of finalists, which I will determine from my own preferences and the nominations of readers.

To see a discussion of last year’s winner (Claire Keegan’s “Foster”), go HERE.

All you have to do to nominate is to leave a comment here on Perpetual Folly with the name of your choice. I will then compile a list of the top stories and create a poll. All very simple.

Forgot about the stories? No problem. Review them all by browsing through the posts from the whole year: New Yorker 2011.

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  1. >Alice Munro, "Leaving Maverly," does what good fiction should — keeps you in its world after you've read it.

  2. >Dog Run Moon

    When I looked over the list, I remembered this one.

    But there were others I liked almost as well. "Going for a Beer" was one.

  3. >George Saunders, "Tenth of December"

    Hello, Clifford, I am Zin! I began reading New Yorker stories religiously (in addition to the other sources I read) last January because of this poll, because I wanted to put in my favorites! And now I can! Thank you for the inspiration!

    I hated "Tenth od December" when I first read it, I gave up about two pages in! But then I read a review on Mookse and Gripes and realized I had missed it entirely, so went back and now it is one of my favorites! So that is what blogging stories does for me! It helps me pick up things I would have missed!

    Most of my favorites have already been mentioned so I will just add this one. If I can add a second nomination, it would be Robert Coover, "Matinee."

  4. >First of all, your link to browsing all the stories was a great help.

    "An Anonymous Island" by Yi Mun-Yol is the one that I remember the most.

    If I can get a 2nd vote I vote for Julian Barnes "Homage to Hemingway"

  5. >I'm torn between "What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank" and "Miracle Polish." But–I'll have to go with "What We Talk About, etc."

  6. >Thanks all for your nominations. Many of you have identified stories that were already on my preliminary list of 14 favorites, although you've added 8 more. So now I'll whittle those 22 (plus any special stories that appear in the next 2 weeks) down to 10 for voting.

    The Murakami UFO story first appeared in TNY in 2001, so I might exclude it because of that. And his "Town of Cats" is a novel excerpt, so I might leave it off, too. And there are multiple Alice Munro, George Saunders, Ben Marcus, and Robert Coover stories among the 22, so I might pick just one from each of those authors.

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