The Virginia Festival of the Book begins in three weeks (it runs March 22-26). I just browsed through the program listing for the first day and already I have to take a break before I can a) decide which offerings I’ll attend that day or b) look at the schedule for the subsequent days. Just a few of the folks I’d like to see: Barabara Kingsolver, Jane Hirshfield, John Hope Franklin, Livingston Taylor, Amy Goodman, Hendrik Hertzberg, Ron Rash, Edward Schwarzschild (reading from the book I reviewed for Shenandoah), and many, many others. If you’re planning to come to the Festival, be sure and let me know!

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  1. >Cliff, I’m going to hate not being there! Stop by and say hello to Gwynn Hyman Rubio for me. We were neighbors for awhile, and she’s a good friend. And listen to Ron Rash read if you get a chance. I’d give anything for his voice and delivery. Oh, it sounds like such a great time!

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