>Paying Attention

It would appear from this picture that I was listening very closely. I’m the one on the far right, at this reading at Staunton’s Bookstack.

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  1. >Awww. I miss the hell out of you, Cliff. I wish I was sitting beside you in that picture…and Kat on the other side. Ahhh, Bread Loaf bliss.

  2. >I miss you, too, Mary!

    Jim, I’d say I’m highly unlikely to get to Bread Loaf in 2007, although my scholarship application will be stronger next year so you never know. Does this mean you’ll apply as a fellow? That would be awesome! Good luck!

  3. >I’m thinking of applying to BL, Cliff. I’m more-or-less ruled out as a fellow at Sewanee. They rarely allow repeats. But Bread Loaf is a possibility, depending how life treats me and the book between now and February.

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