>Perpetual Pushcart Project Preview–Update

>I’m still not quite done with the tabulations, so I’m also not quite ready to reveal my methodology, but as a result of additional work I can present an interim “Top Twenty-Five.” In a few days I’ll print the full list–125 journals or so–and explain how it was derived. Hold your complaints until then, please!

1 Ploughshares
2 Zoetrope: All Story
3 Tin House
4 Paris Review
5 Southern Review
6 Epoch
7 Georgia Review
8 Conjunctions
9 StoryQuarterly
10 McSweeney’s
11 Ontario Review
12 Missouri Review
13 Witness
14 Five Points
15 Kenyon Review
16 New England Review
17 TriQuarterly
18 Threepenny Review
19 Boulevard
20 Gettysburg Review
21 Shenandoah
22 Virginia Quarterly Rev.
23 Chelsea
24 Hudson Review
25 Willow Spring

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