Prime Number Magazine — Issue 41

Prime Number Magazine--41 coverThe other editors of Prime Number Magazine and I put in a lot of work to produce our journal. We’ve been doing it for three full years now, which just seems amazing to me. Where has the time gone!

And now we’ve just launched the latest issue, Number 41, to start our 4th year. There’s a lot to like about this issue. Our poetry editor, Val Nieman, has selected some wonderful poems–work by Rick Marlatt, Alexa Mergen, Robert Okagi, and Barbara Presnell. Our new nonfiction editor, Jon Chopan, brings us essays by Lee Gulyas, Brock Kingsley, and Elaine Neil Orr. Brandon Shuler, who joined us last issue as the books editor, gathered reviews of books by Jen Michalski, Pam Houston, and Patricia Hughes as well as an interview with Ramona Ausubel. In addition to my duties as editor in chief, I also edit the fiction, and I was delighted to select four stories for the issue, by Catherine Uroff, Monic Ductan, Angele Ellis, and Matthew Neill Null.

So I hope you’ll check it out. And if you’re a writer, we’d love it if you would submit your work to us for possible publication. Submission is easy–we use the Submittable online submission manager. To read about our submission guidelines, go here: Submit.

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