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>I had an email a couple of hours ago from Dave S. who commented that he noticed on this blog that I was reading The Road and that he was too–even before the Pulitzer. The mention of the Pulitzer tripped me for a second, but I just figured I’d forgotten that it had won that prize, my memory not being what it used to be. But it turns out that Dave is just better informed about current events, and the prize was awarded only yesterday. (In my defense–always defensive about not knowing something!—we here in Virginia have been preoccupied with other news the past 24 hours.)

Anyway, indeed, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road won the Pulitzer yesterday. The other finalists were Alice McDermott’s After This and Richard Powers’s The Echo Maker–both of which are near the top of my “to read” pile.

In poetry the winner was Natasha Trethewey for Native Guard and the other finalists were Martin Espada for The Republic of Poetry and David Wojahn for Interrogation Palace.

Thanks, Dave.

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  1. >I like it so far, but I haven’t read much at all yet. I’m reading the non-fiction book on my list first (since I’m supposed to review it) . . .

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