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Screenshot 2015-02-20 07.46.29Five years ago, I started the Staunton chapter of Reading Liberally, an offshoot of the national orgazination Living Liberally (which includes the more popular group Drinking Liberally). While there are 189 official Drinking groups in the country, there are only 4 Reading groups, but we’re still going strong here in conservative-land.

Our first meeting was April 15, 2010, when we discussed David Korten’s Agenda for a New Economy. The image at left shows most, if not all, of the books we’ve discussed over the years, including books on science, religions, politics, economics, history, current events, as well as some novels that cover those same topics. (I’ve also posted a list below.) Last month we read Pro by Katha Pollitt, on abortion rights. This month we’re reading a novel about human trafficking, A Walk Across the Sun, and the author, Corban Addison, will be joining us for our discussion on February 26. For March we are reading Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything.

If you’re interested in joining our group, you can sign-up on our website: Reading Liberally-Staunton. Or you can join our Facebook page: Reading Liberally-Staunton (Facebook). From either source you’ll get information about our meetings and reading selections. We generally meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at AVA Restaurant & Wine Bar in Staunton. Be sure to let us know if you plan to join a discussion so we can alert the restaurant as to how many to expect. (Ordering food and drink is not required, although several of us do have dinner during the discussion.)

Here is a list–complete, I think–of what we’ve read over the last 5 years:

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