Ain’t Technology Amazing?

14594978_WelcomeToTheFuture_03112013Final1I took some time off today to head “over the mountain” (which is what we in the Central Shenandoah Valley say when we’re going to Charlottesville). I was going to meet a friend for lunch and also had some book related errands. I figured I’d have a little spare time to sit in one of Charlottesville’s great coffee shops, though, so I took my tablet with me so I could read and, to be honest, so I could be somewhat connected–check emails, Facebook, etc.

I’m glad I had the tablet. When I sat down with my coffee in Mudhouse (love that place!) and looked at my email, there was a note from my agent asking for a document he needed to complete the package for the pitch he’s making to publishers about my novel. I had to reply that it would have to wait until I got home at about

But then . . . I remembered that the document lives in my Dropbox account. I had never accessed Dropbox from my tablet, but within minutes I had downloaded the app, logged into my account, found the document, attached it to an email, and it was in my agent’s hands.

It’s almost unfathomable. I love it.

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