>Readings (a work in progress)

>I enjoy a good author reading. Occasionally. When you go to about 50 of them in a week, as I did during both Sewanee and Bread Loaf, they can get a little tedious. But one a week or so wouldn’t be bad, if the authors are interesting. Some people don’t care for readings, possibly on the theory that the work on the page should speak for itself, but I enjoy hearing the work in the author’s voice and I also enjoy opportunities to meet other writers. The problem is that here in Staunton, there aren’t that many readings of note. And yet within 40 minutes of here we have Harrisonburg (Eastern Mennonite University and James Madison University), Bridgewater (Bridgewater College), Lexington (Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute) and Charlottesville (University of Virginia). All of these schools and bookstores in these cities host readings. And I’ve even traveled as far as Roanoke for a reading, so why not readings at Sweetbriar in Amherst? One problem of course is hearing about all these events. As far as I know, there is no single resource for literary readings open to the public in this area. So I’ve resolved to keep a master calendar of readings in the area and maybe that will encourage me to get to more of them than I have in the past, and also will be something that others nearby might consult. I will be adding to this calendar as I become aware of more events and eventually I will format it for the sidebar at right.

9/15/06 Matt Warner, Bookstack (Staunton) 7pm
9/18/06 Upper Valley Writers’ Show, Beverley Street Studio School (Staunton) 7pm

10/16/06 Upper Valley Writers’ Show, Beverley Street Studio School (Staunton) 7pm
10/19/06 Brett Anthony Johnston, WLU (Lexington) 4:30pm
10/26/06 Marie Howe, SBC (Amherst) 8pm

11/7/06 Jamie O’Neill, WLU (Lexington) 7:30pm
11/15/06 Peter Manseau, SBC (Amherst) 8pm
11/20/06 Upper Valley Writers’ Show, Beverley Street Studio School (Staunton) 7pm

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