>I definitely like the idea of BookTour.com, which is that you sign up for an account and it will tell you when an author is doing an event nearby, or you can search to find out what’s happening in, say, D.C. if you’re going to there next week.

Also it looks great for authors (I tried to sign up as an author but you have to have a book with an ISBN for that) because it has the potential to hook them up with book clubs, readers, etc., and in general seems like a useful tool for promoting your books. As I say, seems like a great thing in theory — I hope it works well in practice.

Go to BookTour.com and set up an account!

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  1. >FYI one’s been able to do all of this on eventful.com for a long while — booktour is by no means the first site to offer these features or this data.

    You ought to check out Eventful — it’s way more sophisticated than booktour!

  2. >Thanks, Anon. I went to eventful.com and set up an account. I agree that it’s more sophisticated, but maybe more sophisticated than it needs to be. I like the simplicity of booktour.com and the fact that it’s book events only (I liked Amazon.com better when it was just books). But I’ll check them both for a while and see how I feel . . .

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