Research Trip Phase I: Singapore Orchard Road and Botanic Gardens

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently in Southeast Asia on a research trip for my novel in progress. The first phase, now complete, was mostly a walk down memory lane. I stayed in a hotel in the Orchard Road area, where I lived for many years and took extensive walks (I don’t think my FitBit believed me when I hit 25,000 steps the first day until I followed that up with 35,000 steps the next) around the neighborhood and beyond.

I wanted to take a look at my old apartment buildings, but the last one I lived in has been torn down and replaced by a different modern highrise. That was disorienting, and I wasn’t even sure I was on the right street. Pictured here is the second building I lived in, affectionately referred to (by me, anyway) as the stack of nickels.

I also visited the Botanic Gardens, which are truly amazing, and spent a lot of time taking pictures of the amazing flora.  I visited shops, restaurants, and food centers I used to frequent. I breathed in the hot, humid air, got soaked in sudden rain showers, became frustrated with my fellow pedestrians, etc. — just like the old days.

The purpose was to refresh my memory and sensory recall as I attempt to bring the book’s setting to life for readers. I feel much better equipped to do that now than I did before the trip.

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