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>For the last several days I’ve been in residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska. I arrived here Monday afternoon and began work Tuesday morning. The center is at full capacity with five artists–three visual artists, a composer, and me–but there is plenty of space, so it doesn’t feel crowded. I’m sharing one of the apartments with one of the visual artists and last night we had the other three residents up for a gathering. Tonight all five of us went out to dinner. It’s a good group.

Nebraska City, where the center is located, is a quiet town. Which is a good thing. I’ve managed to get a fair amount of work done so far; I hope that keeps up. I’d love to finish a draft of this manuscript before I go home!

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  1. >I have heard good things about Kimmel Harding Nelson–how did you end up enjoying it? Seeing as you've gone to so many residencies, I'd love to see your write up of all your experiences (you do such a great job with the Pushcart Prize Rankings as they pertain to litmags). 🙂

  2. >Actually, I haven't been to very many residencies. Just VCCA (4 times) and KHN. Been to a lot of conferences, though. I could write that up . . .

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