>Sewanee: Day 4

>For some reason yesterday’s post was titled Day 4, although that was premature. I’ve corrected that now. The first event today, Friday, was a panal with Kathy Pories of Algonquin and Jane Rosenman, formerly of Houghton Mifflin. Although the information was familiar, both presenters were articulate and did a great job with questions.

That panel was followed by a craft lecture by Mary Jo Salter about “Predecessors”–a discussion of poetic influences, but in a personal way. She talked about the work of three poets she knew personally, and some of what she learned from each of them.

My workshop met in the afternoon, so we spent more time with Tim O’Brien and Erin McGraw, followed by a reading by the poet Greg Williamson, who is a riot. Very funny stuff.

In the evening we had a reading by Margot Livesey from her new novel, The House on Fortune Street. It was odd to hear that reading having just read the novel.

And now, I’m off to a wee party. I discovered that another writer is also blogging from the conference (besides Ryan Call, whom I mentioned yesterday). Check out Jeff Newberry.

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