>The Day After

> Since there was much goodbye-saying at the Saturday night party, it’s too bad we couldn’t just leave it at that, but Magda planned breakfast at her house as a jumping off spot for all of us–nearly everyone–taking the vans to Mexico City (to the airport or into town). So there were more goodbyes, redundant goodbyes, repeated goodbyes. And hugs, lots of hugs.

I was on the first van. Although the ride was hazy, we caught a glimpse of the the volcano El Popo, and we also had an interesting discussion with Breyten. The van dropped Breyten and Annette at the airport and then took Sandra and me into El Centro. We dropped my stuff at the Hotel Cortes (my room was gorgeous and large, although I discovered later that the hotel was flawed in important ways–a whole other story) and then headed off in search of museums. (I had agreed to show Sandra around a bit–it was just a day trip for her.)

I was excited to find the nearby Museo de Arte Popular, Mexico City’s new folk art museum. It is only about 6 months old and it has room to grow, but it is fantastic. A terrific new destination in the city. Then we went to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, where the murals–by Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros and others–are nothing short of spectacular. We then visited the Mercado des Artesanas–a crafts market–where Sandra picked up several gifts and I found a great mask for my collection: El Diablo. We walked over to the Zocalo, visted the the cathedral, poked our heads in some shops, and walked back along Tacuba where we had dinner at Los Girasoles, a restaurant I’ve eaten in before and thought Sandra would like. Then it was time for her to head off in search of the bus back to Tepoztlan (I assume she made it!) and I could relax and enjoy my spacious, stylish room.

On Monday: to the airport, a smooth ride to Washington, and now I’m home.

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