>Sewanee: Day 7, Part I

>I’ve got a few minutes this morning so I thought I’d write a little more than just a report of what’s written on the schedule.

As always, this has been a blast, and incredibly stimulating. I did some revisions over the weekend to my workshope story and while I don’t know that I fixed all of its problems, I did like very much the new scenes I added (which previously has been summarized, and are now dramatized). I’m going to work on a different story today. I rarely get any writing done at conferences, so I’m happy about this. Maybe I’m able to work a little because I’m willing to skip a few things this time around, such as an editors’ panel this morning. I’ve seen these editors before and there just doesn’t seem much point in hearing it all again.

I feel, though, that I’ve managed to talk to other writers more this time, although I don’t know why that is. But I’ve been able to spend some time at the French House and have met some very nice folks.

Conference organization continues to be excellent. Wyatt and Cheri and Kevin and all the staff do a great job. It would drive me nuts, but they all seem to calm. I’m not sure how it is that food and drink always seem to appear where and when they’re supposed to, the readers are all on time and prepared, and as far as I can tell we haven’t lost any participants yet.

But this is the tipping point, and I know from past experience that what appeared to stretch out in front of us forever will now begin to speed by, and it will all be over before we know it. I’m just going to make the most of it!

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  1. >Thanks for the link, Cliff.

    I heard Leslie at the scholar reading tonight. Don’t know Ryan or Sandra. Maybe it would be nice for the bloggers to meet up before we leave?

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