>Sewanee: Day 7, Part II

>It’s late and I don’t think I can really do this justice, but here goes:

The day started with a staff reading: Erica Dawson, Juliana Gray, Daniel Groves and Cecily parks. These are all cool, talented people and their readings were all wonderful. Excellent stuff.

I confess that I skipped both the editors’ panel and Mark Strand’s craft lecture, but I regret missing the latter because he talked about several Wallace Stevens poems and I would have loved that. But I was busy revising a story at my Tim O’Brien’s request, so that took precedence.

In the afternoon we had workshop with T.O. and that was intense, but it was followed by a T.O. reading from The Things They Carried–more intense.

We then had a lovely reception at the Vice Chancellor’s home, followed by dinner and Andrew Hudgins’s reading, which was funny and deep.

I stayed for the Scholars’ reading and there were several nice pieces presented there. And then it was off to the French House . . .

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