>Sewanee–Day Six

>Sundays are a little quieter at Sewanee. People are slow to recover from the Saturday night party, and breakfast starts later. I joined the group that headed out to the Perimeter Trail (the “campus” covers nearly 11,000 acres and so many, many miles of trails), which was a casual but interesting hike. In the afternoon we had another staff reading: Julianna Gray, Michael Griffith and Cecily Parks, followed by the poetry of Greg Williamson.

We also had a book signing party at the University bookstore, which was fun, and then after dinner enjoyed an amazing reading: several scenes from Arlene Hutton’s The Nibroc Trilogy, performed by several amazing actors, including Anson Mount (who has been hanging around the conference), Stefanie Zadravec, Joyce O’Connor, and Arlene Hutton herself. The trilogy is opening soon in LA in rotating repertory and it would be great to see. This was a wonderful treat.

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