Shelf Awareness Reviews What the Zhang Boys Know

I love it when a publication I actually read runs a review of my book (not that this happens too often). Today, Shelf Awareness, a free newsletter for readers, ran a smart review of What the Zhang Boys Know. A previous reviewer called the book a modern Winesburg, Ohio. This reviewer ups the ante, calling the setting for the book a “contemporary urban Yoknapatawpha County.”

The review in part:

The hodgepodge community of artists, writers, romantic couples, immigrants, low-level Washington attorneys, real estate developers and bureaucrats in Clifford Garstang’s What the Zhang Boys Know is a mosaic of our own world of modest ambitions, disappointments and underlying compassion. . . . A tight, lyrical novel told in 12 stories of disparate neighbors living in uneasy harmony in a gentrified Washington, D.C. condo.

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