Short Story Month 2013

6a00d83451afaf69e2017d42ecab36970cI didn’t do such a great job with National Poetry Month. I started out strong, highlighting several poetry collections I had on the shelf near my desk. But then . . . I got busy.

Now, though, it’s Short Story Month. I’m still busy, but I read a lot of stories, so I’ll do my best to bring some collections to your attention. There are, of course, my own books, In an Uncharted Country and What the Zhang Boys Know, both story collections published by Press 53, a press that specializes in poetry and story collections. But there are lots more to talk about.

In my pile of books to read right now I’ve got Tenth of December by George Saunders; Big Bend by Bill Roorbach; Battleborn by Claire Vaye Watkins; Mostly Redneck by Rusty Barnes; Where I Am Now by Robert Day; and Into the Wilderness by David Ebenbach. And that’s without looking at the collections I’ve recently added to my Kindle.

So I’ll try to do my part this month. Stay tuned.

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