>Status Update: Work in Progress

>I’ve been working on my novel (all the livelong day . . .) and it’s coming along. I’d say that it’s coming along nicely, except I’m pretty sure it’s too soon to judge. Today I’m working on the penultimate chapter and this weekend I expect to work on THE END. In both cases, I’m adding to drafts that are already complete, layering in some developments that I’ve been building throughout the current draft of the book.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll be done this weekend, although I AM getting close. I’ve got to go back and strengthen some characters, etch in a few threads that I let get fuzzy in the middle of the novel, reinforce a trope or two, etc. I hope to get a lot of that work done over the next 10 days so that when I begin my residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts on December 10, I’ll be able to really inhabit the story and figure out what remains to be done before I send it off in the new year.

Target date for completion: January 10.

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