>The New Yorker: Vote for the Year’s Best Story

>After much thought and toin-cossing, I have narrowed the choice down to just five stories – the five best stories that have appeared in The New Yorker during 2007. And finalists are (drumroll . . .)

“Homework” by Helen Simpson
“Swimming” by T Cooper
“Mr. Bones” by Paul Theroux
“Or Else” by Antonya Nelson
“Found Objects” by Jennifer Egan

You’ll notice that I’ve added a poll to the right sidebar. Please vote!

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  1. >great shortlist… I won’t say which story I voted for, but my own final criteria for my vote surprised me. Character development, language, theme, all were of such overall equal merit between my two finalists that it came down to a single detail, a character’s reaction to one situation, that just seemed to be too much how a character in a story would react in order to get the story to the ending the author wanted.

  2. >Thanks! (The last issue of the year just arrived, with multiple stories. Perversely, I hope none are great.)

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