>The O. Henry Prize Stories 2008

>My copy hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m looking forward to reading The O. Henry Prize Stories 2008

“A Composer and His Parakeets”
Ha Jin

“Other People’s Deaths”
Lore Segal
The New Yorker

“Village 113”
Anthony Doerr
Tin House

“A Change in Fashion”
Steven Millhauser
Harper’s Magazine

“The Transitional Object”
Sheila Kohler

“On the Lake”
Olaf Olafsson

Brittani Sonnenberg

“What Do You Want to Know For?”
Alice Munro
The American Scholar
Juror Favorite: David Leavitt

“The Necessity of Certain Behaviors”
Shannon Cain
New England Review

“A Game of Cards”
Rose Tremain
The Paris Review

Alexi Zentner
Tin House
Juror Favorite: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“Bad Neighbors”
Edward P. Jones
The New Yorker

“Every Move You Make”
David Malouf

“Scenes from the Life of the Only Girl in Water Shield, Alaska”*
Tony Tulathimutte
The Threepenny Review

“The Bullock Run”
Roger McDonald

Yiyun Li
Tin House

“Bye-bye Natalia”
Michel Faber

“Folie à Deux”
William Trevor
The New Yorker
Juror Favorite: David Means

“The Little Boy”
Mary Gaitskill
Harper’s Magazine

“A Little History of Modern Music”
William H. Gass

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