>The Producers

>It’s a stupid show, okay. No one disputes that. It’s by Mel Brooks, so what did anyone expect? It’s hilarious and fun and musical and rowdy and bawdy and–stupid. But who cares? My college roommate, Fred Applegate, has just taken over the role of Max Bialystok in the London production. I’m thrilled for him.

Although I missed my chance to see Fred in this role on Broadway in 2003 (his run ended when Nathan Lane came back to the show in December of that year), I did catch him as Franz Liebkind (the Nazi playwright) at The Kennedy Center last summer, and then a week later as Max during one of his last shows with the touring company. In addition to being enormously funny, Fred brings his great voice to the part, something the other actors who have done Max do not have. Way to go, Fred!

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  1. >And soon you’ll be able to enjoy the movie version of the musical theater version of the movie . . .

    Brooks should collaborate with Jonathan Safran Foer on the novelization.

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