Tips for Writers: New Pages lists Independent Bookstores

Bookstore IndieWriters know bookstores, right? We shop there and often give readings or signings there. The big chains (is that word still plural? is there anyone besides Barnes & Noble at this point?) can be inaccessible for emerging writers, so for most of us it is the independent bookstores who are our friends. Frankly, Indie Bookstores aren’t always easy to deal with either, but it’s relative.

If you’re planning a book tour in support of a new release, one thing that might come in handy is a list of independent bookstores. You could search on, but you may be missing something if your search parameters aren’t just right. New Pages has produced a resource that might be helpful. It’s a pretty comprehensive list of independent bookstores in the US and Canada, organized by state. If you notice that your favorite store isn’t listed, drop the folks at New Pages a line.

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