>To Be Read: Margaret Luongo, David McGlynn, Andrew Porter

>I love books. As a result, I end up owning more than I can read. But among the books that are in my TBR pile three stand out because of their connections to the wonderful Sewanee Writers’ Conference.

The End of the Straight and Narrow by David McGlynn is a short-story collection published SMU Press. I heard David read from the book this summer at Sewanee and the book looks great.

Margaret Luongo’s If the Heart is Lean, a short-story collection published by LSU Press, also looks terrific. Margaret was one of the Fellows in my workshop this summer at Sewanee. She’s a wonderful writer.

And there’s also a Flannery O’Connor Award winner, Andrew Porter’s The Theory of Light and Matter, which is just out. Porter is also a Sewanee alum, although I know of him from work I’ve seen in various magazines. This book also looks terrific.

[ETA: Here’s a new interview with Andrew Porter]

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  1. >You look as if you’re going to be a very busy person…

    Reading is wonderful escape. It’s great to see someone who doesn’t need constant exposure to ‘canned’ entertainment.

    Long may there be books.


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