>Today: Cambridge to Bread Loaf

>I drove up from Virginia to Boston on Sunday. Should have been a ten-hour drive, but there were massive storms (it rained all through Connecticut) and then I hit bumper-to-bumper weekenders heading back into Boston on the Mass. Pike, so it took more than eleven. I stumbled around Cambridge a bit and found my friends’ house and they were waiting for me with a couple of bottles of sauvignon blanc and nice summery supper of salads. On Monday Rob had to work, poor sod, but Deb and I checked out the Degas exhibit at Harvard’s Sackler museum, then explored my old bookstore haunts (Cambridgians are spoiled, and the selection is amazing; the abundance of literary journals alone is amazing and I picked up several that look like they might be good markets for me in the future). We had a great lunch at the Border Cafe and then, in the afternoon, we went down to tour Rob’s place of business–Equal Exchange, the fair trade coffee company. We saw the roasting operation and new packaging machines, and even had a nice espresso. That night I got together with a fraternity brother, another Rob, for dinner and drinks, met his family, and had a wonderful time discovering our complete agreement on political matters. On Tuesday we hung out and read, I revisited the bookstores, we did sushi for lunch, and since the weather had improved considerably we did a cookout in Rob & Deb’s delightful garden. Good wine, good food, good company. It is now Wednesday morning and I’ll be heading up to Vermont shortly for Bread Loaf registration. More later!

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  1. >Kat, I don’t remember!! I got about six of them, and they’re now baking in the trunk of my car. I’ll maybe blog more about them when I get home and have a chance to look through them better.

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