>VCCA Day 3

> Day 3 already? Because it was Saturday, breakfast was a half hour later, so I was late getting out to my studio this morning. No big deal–I had already outlined what I was planning to work on, so starting was easy. The story, about a painter, seemed to write itself, or rather the character seemed to tell me what he was going to do next. This one is tentatively titled, “An Exercise of Will.” In the afternoon I finished up notes on the book I’m supposed to be reviewing and also started the day’s quota for my mechanical goal on my draft of Liberation Day, the sequel to The End of Suffering. Then before dinner I took a walk through the woods, looking for something I could contribute to our memento swap on Sunday. Found a nice rock, but I’m not committed to it as my piece yet.

Tilapia for dinner. Everyone seemed to think it was good. Not fancy, just fish, brown rice, and fresh veggies (broccoli and green beans). Wholesome stuff.

Back to the studio after dinner. I finished up the quota on the novel, and also sketched out the story I’ll work on tomorrow, so again the startup should be easy. And back at the residence again, I settled on my swap item. My new flash, The Learned Lama, is online (not yet officially, though, it’s a preview version) and the layout is nice with a nice picture next to it. So I printed it out on the library’s color printer and will roll it into a scroll. Not that I worked on it here, but it is being published on the 21st while I’m here, so it’s not totally crazy.

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