>VCCA: Grayday

>This morning was not only gray, but icy, causing some concern for folks who were heading off site in cars. It was even kind of slick on the gravel walk back to the studio barn. I got a decent amount of work done in the morning and after lunch I enjoyed visiting several “mini open-studios” because visual artists invited us in, especially those who will be leaving before they have their full open-studios. So I got a good look at the print-making of Lori Hinrichsen and the oil painting of Heather Hertel as well as the installation/drawings of Dee Hibbert-Jones. I hope to see a couple more of the studios before I leave, but that was a nice treat this afternoon.

After that I took a walk (cold, damp) to work out the final bits of the plot of the story I’m working on as well as what will happen in the next one, and that worked well. So I hurried back to jot down my notes. I begin work on the final story in the collection tomorrow. And tonight, just for fun, I’m working on an Oliver story set in Hawaii. Warm. No ice.

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