>VCCA in the rain

>I’m settled into my studio and routine now and it’s great. For anyone who has been to VCCA, I’m in studio W4, which was renovated earlier this year and is beautiful. It’s large, with a southern view, a nice bed and reading chair, a great desk. So I’m getting a reasonable amount of work done.

Except . . . coming down with a cold. And last night there was a reading after dinner that I didn’t want to miss. Ellis Avery was reading from her novel The Teahouse Fire and a work in progress, and Linda Hartley read a short story based on research she’s done on gypsies in England. I enjoyed it very much, despite the growing sinus problem I was having, and then my stay in my studio afterward wasn’t as long or as productive as I would have liked.

But today has been better. I feel good and the rain has helped me keep focused, I think. We have another reading tonight so I probably won’t get much done this evening, and will be back at it in the morning!

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