>VCCA Report, Day 8

>I took this picture in the early afternoon on Friday while taking a walk–I figured it might be my last chance on this residency given the promised snow that was headed our way. Also saw a deer on this walk–usually happens once a residency, so I was due. At around 2:30 the snow started and by 4:00, when we were due at the office for the holiday party, it was already serious. A couple of inches, wind blowing, very cold. Etc. The party was nice (pictures on my facebook page), but i wanted to get back to my studio to do a little more work before dinner. Instead, I packed up the computer, my manuscript, and the books I might need–in case I can’t get back out there tomorrow.

Dinner seemed subdued, as we all tried to adjust to the snowstorm reality and discussed whether we were going to trek back to the studios tonight or not. And I was not. I happily worked in my room for a while.

It’s amazing how much snow has piled up already!

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  1. >You gotta love an Osage Orange, Cliff. They look like the brain of some sort of space creature and are as sticky as pine sap. But they sure do smell nice. Give the VCCA a hug for me. –Scott

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