>VCCA: Snow Day

>Not a lot of snow, but it began mid-morning and lasted off and on until about dusk. Most of it is gone now, but it looked nice coming down, coating the horses’ manes. I worked a little better than yesterday and made progress on the story, including a little fact checking to make sure it was headed in the right direction.

This evening’s dinner included latkes, in honor of Hanukkah, which was a nice surprise. (Some fellows had actually acquired the fixings to make them for an evening treat, but that’s now been postponed to tomorrow or later.)

After dinner we had a reading. First Daphne Kalotay read from a novel in progress, set in the world of classical music, which seemed to appeal to everyone. And Alan Michael Parker read a set of new poems (work he’s done here) that the group really enjoyed.

(The picture, by the way, is from early in my stay here – those leaves are now all gone.)

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