>Last Day at VCCA


Today is the last full day at VCCA and I think about half the remaining residents leave today. The rest of us are here all day and will be leaving tomorrow as the place shuts down for Christmas. (VCCA will reopen on 12/28 with the arrival of a boatload of artists who will have the pleasure of welcoming the New Year in this wonderful environment.)

Yesterday was a day of presentations. In the afternoon, several visual artists opened their studios to visitors, so I got to see what they’ve been working on here: Joanna Kao, Kim Manfredi, Yvonne Kunz. That was fun–I always love to see what the visual artists are up to.

In the evening, Gyun Hur showed some slides of her work, which is very much influenced by her Korean heritage. And writer Michele Surat read some poems that also in part reflected her cultural background, and so that made a nice match.

I tried to do a little work after that, but at 10pm there was a party in Sam Taylor‘s studio–W5 (the Crib)–and I wanted to stop by there before I called it night. The party was in celebration of the eclipse, the solstice, and the end of the residency. Fun, loud, but I couldn’t stay up for the eclipse.

Now, instead of blogging, I really ought to get some work done.

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