>VCCA: Writing and Reading

>No presentations on Thursday so I worked well into the evening and felt like I got a good bit done. Likewise on Friday, midway through the new story. BUT, Friday night was my turn to read, along with Natania Rosenfeld. She read poems and essays (although she came here to work on a novel). I read a new story (still quite raw) from the collection I’ve been working on, plus the first paragraph of “Nanking Mansion” to set the stage a little bit.

Today was more work, a walk in the woods, work, dinner, work.

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  1. >I’m enjoying your entries on VCCA very much. They provide me with a wonderful vicarious continuation of my residency, the presentations by residents, the meals, the walks, your work process. The reductive framing in your photographs is great, too. I especially loved the recent shot of the horse, so true to life. Thanks.

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