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>This is my fourth residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and I’ve really been looking forward to it as a way to refocus. I hope it works. On previous visits, I arrived in the morning before lunch, allowing me all afternoon to get to work. Because I had to give the “final exam” to my class today, however, I wasn’t able to get on the road until almost 3:30, and so I arrived at VCCA shortly before 5:00. (It isn’t a long trip, obviously–just over the mountain.)

I moved my stuff in quickly because I have a ground-floor room this year. (I brought too much stuff. Again.) Then I drove out to the barn to move into my studio. When I saw that I was in W4, I thought it was the same one I was in a couple of years ago and I was somewhat disappointed. But I quickly discovered that (a) it’s a different studio and it’s fantastic; and (b) I needn’t have worried because the studios on this side of the barn have, apparently, been recently renovated. In any case, the studio is large, I have a great view, nice furniture, and I’m psyched about working here.

I headed back to the residence and unpacked, then read in the lounge (and met people) until dinner. And after dinner I’ve been getting settled in the studio, putting up my outline on the bulletin board, etc. Tomorrow will be great.

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