>Virginia Festival of the Book Day 2


Today I managed to get to three events and enjoyed them all.

First was “Finding Your Way”–four authors sharing the tales of their characters’ journeys. This one featured Ernessa Carter (32 Candles), Sarah Pekkanen (These Girls), Lolette Kuby (Writing Personals), and Jason Wright (The Wedding Letters). I enjoyed the talks/readings of all four.

Then “Running From the Truth”–about the consequences of running away–featuring Amy Franklin-Willis (The Lost Saints of Tennessee), Elizabeth Nunez (Boundaries), David Huddle (Nothing Can Make Me Do This), and Robert Olmstead (The Coldest Night). I enjoyed all four of these authors’ presentations, too.

Last of the day for me was “Conspiracies and Obsessions”–four authors discuss their novels of unraveling lives. This one featured Alma Katsu (The Taker), Amelia Gray (Threats), Virginia Moran (The Algebra of Snow) and Joe Lunievicz (Open Wounds). Again, all good presenters. In this case the moderator took a different approach. Instead of having the authors read or present their work, she just started in with questions, eventually leaving a little time for questions from the audience.

More tomorrow, including the panel I’m moderating . . .

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