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>There’s a handsome new literary magazine online called Wag’s Revue. (“Wag” appears to be short for Web-based Magazine, as opposed to the “traditional” term for online magazines, which is “Zine” or “e-Zine”.)

I like the layout and the page-scrolling of the magazine. The first issue also has an impressive lineup of interviews, including Wells Tower and Dave Eggers, and short fiction by Brian Evenson and others. I’m not familiar with those “others” or the poets and non-fiction contributors, but I look forward to reading their work.

What may get the magazine more attention than the interviews and fiction/poetry/non-fiction, however, is the Editors’ Manifesto, which manages to insult every other online magazine in existence and their editors by suggesting that no other online magazine has high quality content or adequate editorial oversight. Since I’m not an editor of an online magazine and don’t publish online as much as I publish in print, it doesn’t bother me much. Manifestos, after all, are meant to be controversial. Still, I hear tongues, er, wagging.

It will be interesting to see what comes next from Wag’s Revue and it’s young (all students at Brown, according to article) editors.

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  1. >Well. I’m unimpressed. Yes they scored some names in their debut issue, but the fact that they are all students and the sheer pomposity of their manifesto is quite off-putting and they are students, students who do comedy. blech.

  2. >Hey we’ve just released our latest at 34thParallel, Issue 6! It’s cool to see that folks are still forging forward and willing to create places for great writing. Wag’s Revue is a cool name!

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